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hi mate love the art at small nation this weekend its going to be a mud bath
Fri Jul 8, 2011, 1:35 AM
:wave: :hug:
Mon Apr 19, 2010, 4:03 AM
Hey, a lot o' nice stuff in yo' galle'y. :P
Sun Apr 11, 2010, 12:18 PM
Mon Dec 21, 2009, 8:16 AM
How could you be such an amazing artist, and yet be so unrecognised? Your one of the best artists i have EVER seen, you absolutely blow my mind! You deserve SO much more recognition! :hug:
Sun Dec 13, 2009, 7:55 PM
Ahh well, that was fun.
Fri Apr 7, 2006, 3:21 PM
Erm, sorta testing...dunno what this is for really. Guess I'll find out soon enough
Fri Apr 7, 2006, 3:20 PM


The Observing....

Detaching myself one thought at a time
I cast mine eyes wistfully
And encompass all that surrounds
The fitful calm I feel runs
Unnaturally from my body
While I store each poisonous and furtive gesture
Deep inside for future needs
Sweetly crafted words I decipher
Always moonlighting their favours
As subconscious movements reveal
Disbelief in such false ways
From the misbegotten fasts-end
To the farewells of the unworthy

I see all
And understand much more

Awareness however is seldom a blessing
In this continuous bombardment
Of insidious self-fulfilling denials
The very words chosen
Amongst such ill-gained trusts
Ring painfully at odds
And I tilt my head subdued once more
So long have I kept my council
And so many times my lips have bled
Caffeine caked countenances
Get me thro these lifetimes of seeking
Ripped throughout every sidelong
Surreptitious and sickening

I hear all
And comprehend much more

From an imperceptible frown
To a dagger-stricken stare
The rancorous drivel flows freely
Tedium abounds in this pit of undoing
And yet the resolve of Saints must thrive
Crossed double in defensive demur  
Actions become an impending    
Manifest of perceptible foreboding
With nature turned around
Wild mettle has no recourse
My own shadow now cowers
As the realisation of such appalling
Dark compassion runs true

I taste all
And perceive much more

Ambling aimlessly into tomorrow
I learn from each of these
And all of those poorly guised
In such childlike games of intrigue
I feel limited care for this baying
And such gnashing salivatorial
As I receive the line so median
I digest the disorderly
Whilst casting my hopes on a falsehood
Such succour is accepted
As the hand counts along
Sugared breaths fall the willing
And all comfort is bequeathed in haste

I sense all
And I realise much more.
Sideshow Sanity....

Wandering blissful in this miasma of incomplete humanity
I am reminded that my own
Triumphs of bodily imperfections
Are poison for some and yet
These dizzied diseases
Multiply every raw temptation
Of such freakish obscurity
I find myself often weak of mind
Bleating increasingly for more
While I revel in each beautiful abnormality
And wish only to make these my own
Selfish I become in my fevered depths
Rolling shy I harbour wholesomely
These Koo’ed longings most base
And offer no caution thrown
Snake-skinned snake-oiled closeness I crave
Whilst twinned in co-joined harmony
And ringed in triplet unique
We Blaze each in glory abundant
The MC’s make the call
Here Kittie, Kittie, Kittie
And always I am left wanting
Unshaven heavenly haven
By Sidonia’ Grace such dreams are possible
Where the lady always sings
Hoisted aloft where I bate all
Thro Aliceian hyper-lycanthropic silver-scapes
Twisted and folded so impossibly small
Your bell jar home makes the finest prison
Of such impish mysterious delights
As the white-starred Myrtus performs
Pinhead duets sublime fantasies make
And yet with destiny's parting inevitable
I mourn and long for the return next
Sweet Peppery will always be close
When we shall once more
Waltz the carousel macabre
Entwined and combined
Handcuffed forever
This parasitic amour knows no bounds
As I evermore helplessly lose myself
In such exquisite lowly delights.
Brief Encounters....

I recall each time now so carefully
As if etched, never healed upon my heart
And inscribed cruelly upon my very soul
My own eyes weep at the hours so few
And yet with each I take such solace
That time will treat with care
And the distance between this and the next
Shall become smaller each day
I regret with a finality unknown before
Every parting due
And with this knowledge
I selfishly store each and every memory
To re-live when most alone
But these fleeting minutes
Cause such building hunger within
That I wish no end to their temptations
With such beguiling offerings
My emotions are stripped helplessly bare
Until nothing remains hidden
Transparency runs amok
And I am left wallowing in
Self-doubt once more
This feeling that commands then
With the miles and hours dividing
Leaves much wonderment
At what meanings can be drawn
I recount the times
And find them so few and mighty
That the heavens pulse in sorrow
With the anticipation of the next
For the greatest fear I always live with
And that I can never cast aside
Is that these moments will end
And that all that is ever left
Is the dusty faded memories
To keep warm with as ages pass
But with each mistake I make
And with all the words never spoken
The message is clear within me
That the treasure held within each
Becomes priceless and irreplaceable
So that every gaze cast
And the smallest smiles and wishes pledged
Blur into one never ending story
That can be re-read in myriad
So that the aches and longings
Starve my thoughts no more
It is therefore with time I bear trust
That these most transitory of connections
Grows and becomes
One of trust and mutual understandings
That the times so passing
Will evolve into ones instead
Of constant reassurances
And of complementary needs
And with affections so calmed
Each day and year ahead
Will give deliverance from
Such solitary forgiveness
And that no matter how small
The glow that becomes each
Will protect from all futures possibilities
So with new-born confidences
All may become endeared unto
And trust in feelings once broken
That these times before and ahead
Will be the ones of no more regrets
And of everlasting promise and meaning.
Hopeless Epiphanies....

Skipping thro another labyrinth of maybe’s
I pause in sudden consideration of that which
Gives rise to such hypnotic and Moorish
Forbidden ululations
At once the answer bids me notice
And the stark sudden realisation
Runs coldly whistling
Within me
Drunken images pervade my thoughts
As I balance all that is so far known
The joining apparent is clear to me
Of this fine words are sincerely sung
And yet, with careful abandon
The revelation that does cometh
Drowns all senses so mutually confessed
Until an overdue steadiness swamps
A tingling of learned knowing
In understanding of the moment
The one breath-taking instant which will
Spark such tales of passion
And formidable fables of ecstasy
Within eyes close and dark before me
There glows unmasked assurances
Un-hidden musky utterances
Silhouetted in promise and beckoning
And with such looks of yearning
The moment once more churns and simmers
And boils my devotions blood-raw
But as distance seeps around
Again, time allows mellowness
To conceive such whims so freely
And allow to flow in joined harmony
Always returns to the bonding
The enduring and growing awareness
That the wonder of complete surrender
Wrought finely upon each aroused need
Devotion in memorium remains true
In these times as are known together
I become myself in these hours of weaknesses
And in willingness and honest recognition
Of which virtues I do aloft hold
For it is these very unfathomable frailties
That brings me closer to cravings door
To these heavenly times before me
And these images that sear with intimacy
That no matter how deep and concentrated
Nor how captivating fate becomes
What lies wreathed between
Shall be held in enticing revelry
And with impulsive and impossible tenderness
Do these dreamy ideas enthrall
It is in these times without sanction
That I ruefully seek acceptance
That this line-shared is somehow drawn
And yet I live in hope continuous
That this immortality that inflicts
Upon this vessel, my body alive
Shall always hold with honour
The beholding, the enchantment
And that of the forever newly-bourn
I rejoice deeply so of each
Precious instants so shared into
And raise my head in joy
At the many ways that present
The ease to which I now find grace
As I flow into this new found world
I am shown a lasting humility
How far now taken and embroiled
And how I am held clearly from
What I have now since striven
Riven again this sweetest seduction
Running unabated throughout
As my soul is cast blissful
In such greediness cocooned
But in solemn know-how
I refrain
And with slowing and ponderous breaths
I take a different moment somehow
And with this time I ponder absentmindedly
Always with eyes critically self-cast
And to that withheld without
I resign once more to this musing
Unrelenting, alluring and sensual
But I will hold forever now once tasted
And forever fold unto me close
After now having uncovered
The chance so willingly there waiting
Embraced to the core of my heart and of my soul
The thirst preordained together
And the rapture accepted alone.
The Wondering....

Held once more in this enraptured longing
I wrestle always with such thoughts impossible
Forever clouded within a dreams flurry
Otherworldly and a forgetful haze
Brings sublime understanding
But still yet the aches are driven
Raging unbidden throughout
And unrestful slumbers remain
As insides knot and mind-twists chaotic
I shudder deeply with the confusion
Bound from each sense now alive
And flying insanely around within
Each word that sweetly presents itself
I strive for every meaning possible
That may be held with eagerness born
And with a humble knowing
That all that is found
Is all that can ever be
With clarity preciously abundant
Emotions still hidden most selfish
Even now the smallest hint
Leaves such dizzying heights to be scaled
Cryptically coursing the perpetual
With the trust unspoken between
This pledge that has been written
Undying and eternally bestowed
My countenance becomes such a release
Whilst I caress each fantasy I know
Such impulses from distant hoping
Divinely tempered in unseen wisdom
Of a simple acceptance of nothing
The lives and empires I have foreseen
When each time eyes close
A cosmic daydream of subtleties
With the centre forever spun
How such meaning holds captive
And why such dreaming does blur
If the power were within me to end
All false hopes now directionless
To be left only with the purity
Attuned carefully to all between
So that forever the scent of safety
May bask in the warmth freely given
Ne’er tears fall nor doubts pass
When the weakest moments so deeply
Take control and cause dark retreat
No matter where or what causes division
I trust and believe that nothing
Shall ever separate what has grown
To watch and to listen as impressions
Become such enchanted beds
That build a completeness longed
For many obscure wonderings
Of what may bring change to one
And what may bring peace to another
The softest breath I wish to hear
Of satisfaction risen from pure calm
That for every possible trouble
And each unknown future test
That within such impossible insights
There can be no wrong to hurt
While each present and innocent closeness
Becomes tomorrows yearned sanctuary
And that which will be now timeless
Until such inseparable hearts forget to beat.


United Kingdom
Current Residence: Down 'The Lane'....
Personal Quote: Y Ddraig Goch ddyry gychwyn.


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