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The Growing....

I will find somehow
Strength in all I do and all
The cold places most dark
Where I hide and shake
Will become mere memories
That I shall ne’er forget
For I will grow from my tears
The nagging doubts where
Once I drowned and floundered
Afresh tomorrow shall in rebirth
Allow all possible futures
It is in my hands as it is in my thoughts
Forever in my power to make
This new me become
I will surrender not unto
The doubts that possess
Nor will I shun the hand offered
Opened true and honest
And as I wake this day
I will hear only peace surrounding
No longer missing the harmony
That follows me closely
I will dance and I will spin
As I accept the tests not yet known
The paths that make me
The lessons which forge
I always will find
The light that guides the way
As this day the world is mine.
Soul Assassins....

Retreating abysmally behind these walls
Of inner sanctions most cruel
I consider deeply all the dramas and acts
Poorly crafted and with poison overflowing
Aimed insipidly and repeatedly at my very core
Cast away comments of such insignificance
Offering me the chance of atonement
Whilst all around lick greedily
At the web silk all encompassing
Salivating and honey-dewed in contrivance
I am once again left appalled
Reeling in continuous abandonment
Dreaming in false hopes once more
That such visionless minds nurtured
And with all compassion bereft
Hope may yet be discovered reborn
Cherished freely and shared willingly
Yet with each example of incompetent acumen
And every demonstration of oral incontinence
I am compelled unwillingly deeper
Within the hidden folds of my protective veil
As le dialogue de venin is rehearsed
My own vulnerabilities terrified cower
Cursed and cast in unspoken malice
While practiced pleading prays for the end to fall
As I recall the duties forsaken
Held so carelessly flawed and unshaken
The sick signals of barefaced bluster
To follow and comply meekly
Or face my censors most cynically ordained
Seldom compelled before to endure
Such unenvious and jaded privilege
Nor in memory have I experienced
So child-like or desperately masked bearing
Designed guiltily for mortal effect
Cankerous slashes of spiteful fiction
Weave their Ide-like betrayals
And yet it us with a complete awareness that
Now as I face my detractors
Mournfully mocking in such predictive sways
With sustained inner tranquility I gaze
Thankfully now for the wisdom
And guidance of those in legion
The true meaning of discord becomes apparent
Malevolent intentions glow brightly
As I hold close and selfishly cultivate
That precious moment here
And that beguiling memory there
The wall becomes my shield now
Filled with the strengths offered freely
Given with wisdom both ancient and born of youth
I breathe in gratitude and open recognition
To those who now and always will lay
Beside me these days of severe doubting
And of such astonishing radiance.
The Stealing....

I offered myself pleadingly to the baying trinity
Praying that the trust of merciful protection
Can be relied upon and adorned
Thro these days forlorn in darkness and solitude ahead
And in the full knowledge of losses shouldered
My heart was lain bare before them
With childlike innocence
The expectations held once were scattered
Cast and battered endlessly at my feet
As I beheld the world hasten around me
I held faith that the fall would be softened
That I would be steadied by six
But met with such blinding indifference
And with that last breath still warm on my cheek
I accept my invisibility forced upon
With a coursed silence now born and grown
Into this form I now settle and lower
Mine eyes in such mournful repose
For each and all the ways I once did strive
Weak resolve to carry me forward
Still did I persevere in these struggles forewarned
But with the weight of ages stacked cruelly
Such strengths once found do agonisingly
Remain as teasing memories and stricken testimonies
Tripping hammer blows and ground moving low
It is I who truly knows the very meaning now
Liggering in lip licking anticipation
Triggering inside me
I watch far removed and unable
Unstable as I am the daggers raise
And cut deeply of my feelings
Leaving less each strike
In this surgical manipulation of my soul
Unknowing if I will be whole once more
Emptiness becomes greater by presence
Never given freely nor gifted with a flourish
It is only with disgrace taken in relish
To bolster personal pride
And masturbate until glittery eyed
The self-belief becomes self-truth
Your Hell shall be proof of your failures
I feel pity for the tedium and mundane that you live
I feel pity for the self-fulfilling and ignorance that you breath
I feel pity for the dishonour and betrayal that you are.
'....There were so many times in my past that my energies seemed endless, that no matter what presented itself to me, i could find within myself the strengths to endure. i view those times with a certain jealousy now. i lay with my eyes closed much of the time in order to lessen the senses available to me. With them closed i have only to deal with what i hear or smell…and my thoughts, there is always my thoughts. ....' e (XII)
The Hollowing....

I am become the singularity
Condemned now to drown continuously
While all surrounding me watch on
Oblivious to the pains I suffer each hour
And sightless to the hurts that trip off my face
Daily I find myself pouring over intricately
The widening cracks that tear inside
Constantly fearful they are visible
The blood that flows abundantly
Drains me in every way
That I am left castaway
Within this world of so little endeavour
The hunger for life still appears to me
But with such careless greetings thrown
The choices become increasingly rare to me
This shell that I discover
Reminds me incessantly of what has been lost
And which can never be returned
These chimeraian visions implode within
Leaving me in despaired silence
Trembling inwardly as I smile sickly
With head turned down I persevere
Attempted focus in this heartless turmoil
This daydream eternal convinces me
That such meanings can no longer be missed
Mouth dry and senses possessed
The ache grows with a yearning untold
Relentlessly I accept each trial
And relinquish my hope of peace
For these self-inspections that I endure
Leave me poorly in strengths
And feeble in thoughts once more
As I control my anxious sentiments
I am bound by my own morose intrigues
And tense as each tremor assails me
I have become the master of stealth
And hide serenely my every woe
For the dread that fills me at allowing
The sweet surrender to my torments
To touch those who are closest
Completes utterly my madness forsaken
And so each time I fall even deeper
Then the breath I take is held longer
Time is now meaningless as I swing
From the sorrows of past lives
Toward the indifferences of unwritten futures
As conversations pass me by
All possible intuition is stripped aside
I live in perpetual reflection
Unrelenting detachments build
An uneasy dismayed feeling of repetition
I close my eyes
And hold on to the little left inside me
For even this most imperceptible of hopes
Allows my spirit tho now tainted
With imperfections most deeply sown
To prevail in this mental melee
To which I am beautifully destined.


United Kingdom
Current Residence: Down 'The Lane'....
Personal Quote: Y Ddraig Goch ddyry gychwyn.

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